magyar képzőművészek, kortárs festők, szobrászok szentendrei tárlata

magyar képzőművészek, kortárs festők, szobrászok szentendrei tárlata

Szentendrei magyar képzőművészek,kortárs festők és szobrászok tárlatai magánlakásokban és nyilvános kiállításokon.

Anna, Margit

1913, Borota – 1991, Budapest
Margit Anna began her art studies (as Margit Sicherman) in Budapest in 1930. After meeting Imre Ámos at the Hungarian Israelite Cultural Association they married in 1935. In 1937, during a visit to Paris, they met Mark Chagall, whose surrealism had a very decisive influence on their art.
After World War Two Margit Anna became a member of the European School (1945-1948), an artists’ group with the aim of introducing avant-garde art to Hungary; soon after, however, the group disbanded.
Margit Anna’s late pictorial period started to evolve in the 1970s. Drawing on the motifs of uproarious servant folklore typical of fairs, she tried to express the tragic experiences she and her family had never been able to forget.

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