magyar képzőművészek, kortárs festők, szobrászok szentendrei tárlata

magyar képzőművészek, kortárs festők, szobrászok szentendrei tárlata

Szentendrei magyar képzőművészek,kortárs festők és szobrászok tárlatai magánlakásokban és nyilvános kiállításokon.

Korniss, Dezső


(1908 – 1984)

1947-1948 teacher at the College of Fine Arts, Budapest
1925-1929 College of Fine Arts, Budapest
Masters: István Csók and János Vaszary
1923 Podolini-Volkmann Free School

Prizes, memberships
1978 Artist of Merit
1930 New progressive artists
1930 to 1931 Work – shop (Munka-kör)
from 1929 Fine Art Artists New Cooperative
from 1946 Szentendre Painters’ Cooperative
1946 founder of the European School

One of the most defining artists in 20th century Hungarian fine art. Through his art he was strongly connected to the avant-garde movements of that time and Szentendre art life. He was fond of æsthetic excellence.
In Holland works by Rembrandt and of “De Stijl” had a great influence on him.
In 1927 and 1928 he made his main compositions collecting the influence of archaic-cubist and Mediterranian classic art through strict forms, dark back colours and plays of light.
He often used photo montage techniques. He started collecting folk motifs in 1935 with Lajos Vajda. They built up their compositions from both abstract and folk elements.

Selected exhibitons
1980 Hungarian Naional Gallery retrospective exhibition
1970 exhibition “R” of young neo avant-garde artists
1940 to 1943 exhibiting interiors with Fine Art Artists’ New Cooperative
1930 Tamás Gallery, Budapest
1928 Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest

Some of his major works and periods
1975 Allegro barbaro, Horizontal – vertical
1968 motif world of abstract folk in hard edge painting way (Robbers, Pásztorok)
1963 to 67 paint drawings
1963 Metamorphosis variations
1954 Orange and blue
1948 Laokoon, Hopeless war, Fiddler wedding
1947 Opposites
1946 Chanters
1945 Dragonish, Illuminations

Street works
Several street works, also important works on building decorations