magyar képzőművészek, kortárs festők, szobrászok szentendrei tárlata

magyar képzőművészek, kortárs festők, szobrászok szentendrei tárlata

Szentendrei magyar képzőművészek,kortárs festők és szobrászok tárlatai magánlakásokban és nyilvános kiállításokon.

Kmetty, János

(1889, Miskolc – 1975, Budapest)

János Kmetty started painting at the same time as, a new generation of Nagybánya painters, the “Neos”, who were familiar with the achievements of the “Wild”. The start of his career also coincided with the appearance of the Eight, the Activists and the spread of cubism in Hungary.
On his 1911 study trip he also attended the Académie Julian in Paris, and became interested in fauvism and cubism.
From the mid-1930s he was a frequent visitor to Szentendre. In 1945, he was admitted to the Old Artists’ Colony. During his first Szentendre period, his art was characterized by an expressive style, but the importance of construction as a picture building element remained unchanged.
In the 1960s Kmetty returned to cubist picture building: in his elongated paintings, dominated by rosy, brownish and bluish colours, he divided the composition into rhombuses and rhomboid plains by applying contours.
His permanent exhibition opened in a listed building in the Main Square in Szentendre in 1981.

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