Szentendre for everyone

The mission of the Szentendre Home Salon Foundation is to present works by contemporary fine artists from Szentendre regularly to a wider audience in an innovative way, in Hungary as well as abroad.

The foundation provides a unique opportunity for the contemporary artists of Szentendre to exhibit their works without restricting their creative freedom. Under expert guidance, even people who normally do not visit galleries or exhibitions can get closer to the arts. We intend to establish a circle of active art experts and patrons who appreciate the local fine art heritage, patronize contemporary artists and encourage young talent. The foundation organizes home salons, studio visits, guided tours and lectures in order to satisfy the interests of all the above-mentioned groups.

We would like to attract more local supporters of the arts (private individuals, companies and institutions) by reviving the tradition of patronage and creating a new model for it.
The deed of foundation of the Szentendre Home Salon is available