We would like to encourage everyone who is interested in the artists and their works on our website to contact us. The Home Salon Foundation helps you find the perfect piece at favourable price.

  • Visitors of home salons have the opportunity to buy the works on display which are either owned by the artist or are in private collections. The artist and the collector agree on the price of the piece. In case of successful sale, the artist or the collector donates a small percentage of the price to the Home Salon Foundation supporting the foundation’s efforts to promote fine artists from Szentendre.  For further information click  here
  • Similarly to home salons, open salons also provide an opportunity for visitors to purchase the exhibited works of art. In contrast with invitational private home salons, these events are open to the public for several days. For further information click here
  • Studio visits: Upon request, our foundation also organises studio visits for groups, so that visitors can have the chance to meet the chosen artists in person and buy one of their works.
  • Upon individual request, our foundation arranges a meeting with the selected artist. 

Certificate of Authenticity: In order to verify the authenticity of the artworks purchased through our foundation, we issue a certificate signed by the artist or an expert.

Artists: Our website features only those artists from Szentendre whose works have already been exhibited at our home salons, but we are also ready to contact other local artists if you are interested in buying their works.